Sunday, March 30, 2008

I'm not allowed to say "erection."

Well, as you can guess, after demolition eventually comes construction. The best part of bridge construction of course is the girder erection. That's what it's called, but Jen said I'm not allowed to say that on her blog.

Either way...big things flying through the air on cranes!

This Saturday, we went to the I-64 over Lindbergh bridge and watched Gateway Constructors setting the steel girders for the new crossing.

The action moved much more slowly than when we watched the demolition, but we did see the cranes at work, so that was fun.

Reiley in front of a freshly shipped girder.
The view from the north.
The view from the south.
A picture by Reiley for your enjoyment:

Of course, that's a "No Smoking" sign. That's what I immediately thought when she was drawing it, too. Person with a head, two feet and a cigarette. Circle it and slash it out. "No Smoking." Why would anyone think anything else?