Saturday, December 29, 2007

Have a breastfeeding question?

Ask Reiley! For those of you who might not know, Jen is a leader for La Leche League International, a support organization for breastfeeding mothers. Part of Jen's job is to answer phone calls from moms (and dads, grandmas, friends) who have questions about breastfeeding their babies. Reiley has watched these phone calls for the past year, and now has suggestions for common breastfeeding issues. Sore nipples? Use "that cream that comes in the purple tube" on your nipples, and "nurse your baby when he is hungry." Latch not quite right? "Can you see you baby swallowing?" This picture is of Jen and Reiley having simultaneous conversations with Moms.

Watch this video to see the young breastfeeding counselor in action. Unlike Jen, she ends her calls with "Do you have anything else to tell me? I love you! Bye!"

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Happy Birthday Ainsley

Our little lady is one! It's hard to believe - this time last year, our world was in upheaval from this little tiny bundle. Over the year we've all found our new place in the family, and it's hard to remember what our family was like without her! Here's the birthday lady with Grammi (Kevin's mom) Reiley and our friend Carter helped Ainsley blow out the candles (and tear into her cake, of course).
Ainsley was pleasantly surprised that the ladybug's attenae was a pretzel (one of her favorites).
Opening her present from Reiley (she's a big fan of tissue paper).
More presents with Mommy and Reiley (it's hard to keep a 3-year-old away from presents!)

She's doing a lot of talking now, and she has little signs she makes to let us know what songs she wants us to sing (Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and Five Little Monkeys). This video shows some of her talking and tricks.

Hunt for the Perfect Tree

At the beginning of this month (yeah, I'm a little behind), I was itching to go get our Christmas tree. The year Kevin and I got married, we started the tradition of going to a tree farm about 40 minutes from St. Louis, riding out on the wagon to the fields and find the perfect tree. I look forward to it every year, and I was SO excited that it would be Ainsley's first year to come with us! I like to get the tree as quickly after Thanksgiving as possible, so I decided this was probably the only weekend that we could do it. Saturday's weather forecast was rain all day. Feeling some anxiety, I hoped and wished that Sunday would clear up. Late Saturday night, I checked the forecast - clear for Sunday! We excitedly put on our clothes Sunday morning and get packed up for the car when Kevin checks the weather again - rain starting in the morning. I decide we'll take our chances, and we set off in the car. Forty-five minutes later, we get to the farm, where the sky looks ominously dark. We stop in the tree farm gift shop for a potty break and to say hello to Santa. Reiley was lured over to Santa by his candy canes, but declined a seat on his lap. (Notice Ainsley's "Don't think about touching me" face)

As we leave Santa to head out the door, we see and hear torrential rain falling. Drenched families sprint into the gift shop. We and other farm-goers try to wait out the storm. After 25 minutes, it's still raining and we're getting hungry. I try to swallow my disappointment as we drive to the nearest McDonald's to eat and wait out the storm. Some burgers and chicken nuggets later, it's still raining. We make the decision to head home and get a tree at a Christmas tree lot near our house (so so so sad). Feeling disappointment at this less-than-ideal turn of events, I try to explain the new plan to Reiley, who readily accepts it, while I sit in the front seat wiping away tears. (Yes, I realize this is slightly pathetic as I am 26 :-). ) Kevin, being ever so patient with me, tries to comfort me through my ridiculousness on the ride home. We arrive at the tree lot where it is now FREEZING. Do we look like we're having fun?
Ainsley's face being pummeled with wind. Staying dry in the car while awesome Daddy ties the tree to the top of the car. Everyone toughed it out so that Mommy could get her tree. It makes me realize that at Christmas (and every day) I am grateful to have a family that accepts and loves all of me (even the obsessively crazy parts!) I hope you are all having a loving holiday season!