Saturday, October 11, 2008

Spotlight on Ainsley

Maybe it's because I'm approaching my due date and am feeling overly emotional about everything, but I've been having some Mom guilt that lots of posts have addressing Reiley's new adventures and thoughts. Perhaps Ainsley's been slighted. So I've dedicated this post to showcasing Ainsley.

Her passion in life right now is pretend play, typically focusing around her baby - Baby Jesus. Yes, that's right, the infant Lord lives in our house and is Ainsley's constant companion (except at night-time and nap, he's just too exciting). Meet Baby Jesus in this clip. Where does she say Baby Jesus lives? Galilee. We only figured this out because she would spontaneously exclaim, "Galilee!" One day she followed it up with, "Baby Jesus, lives there." I guess Reiley's current interest in reading multitudes of Bible tales has added to Ainsley's Bible trivia.

Singing is another one of her faves. She makes up songs about things she eats, where she's going , rocks baby Jesus to sleep, and opens the hymn book at mass and invents little diddies. This often happens during times of silence, which gets a few glances. But if she's singing Jesus her own invented song - what am I going to do? I'm sure God doesn't mind. Here she's trying to sing "The Lord Hears the Cry of the Poor" for any of you familiar with it.

She also enjoys narrating and storytelling. When Kevin gets dressed for work in the morning, she coaches him on the next steps. "Put Daddy's white shirt on. Get Daddy's belt on. Socks! Shoes!" On sleep-deprived days, this is very helpful. Here's a clip of her telling you about how the chicken at Prairie Day bit her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Conception Overanalyzed

A few mornings ago, while I was having prolonged bed-lying time due to Ainsley's new routine of 5 am wake-ups, Reiley hit me with this: "Mom, if you think a lot about having a baby someday, will your body just make a baby inside ofyou, even when you are still a kid?" Stifling laughter, I said, "No, Reiley, you can't make a baby all by yourself." She gave a sigh of relief and said "Good, because I am still a kid, so I don' t have a job yet. I also still live with you guys, I'm not married yet, and I don't know a lot of things to be able to take care of a baby right now." Whew! I don't have to worry about having a pregnant 4-year-old. I hope this same calm, level-headed, critical thinking is still there when she's 17.