Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Winter Afternoons

I'm really ready for Spring. During the warm months, we spend most afternoons after naps outside. Digging in the garden, making mud soup, feeding the birds and squirrels, traipsing through parks, smelling the flowers, watching the clouds roll...sigh. Clearly, Mommy has cabin fever. We are somewhat successful getting outside on the 40ish degree days, but Sawyer starts complaining, Ainsley won't wear gloves and then complains about her freezing fingers, and then Reiley gets really irritated that we have to head inside after 5 minutes. So we've been trying to keep it fun inside.

The girls spend many days as their alter-egos, Lucy (Ainsley) and Ethel (Reiley). Kevin's mom (Grammi) showed them some I Love Lucy clips on YouTube, and they've transformed our lives.

Here they are posing as the lovable best friends. You'll see Ainsley donning her beloved nightgown (which we've successfully substituted with several matching nightgowns since these green ones seemed to permenantly reek of soymilk and grime from repeated uses despite frequent washing). Reiley is also sporting her daily costume of princess gown with long-sleeved shirt on top because she is irritated by how the lacy balloon sleeves slide off of her shoulders (can we say high-maintenance:-))?

We've also been enjoying painting of various kinds, including finger painting in the bathtub. Easy for Mom because of the quick cleanup, and fun for the kids because they can paint their bodies, the wall, the faucet, etc. Ainsley seemed to become Reiley's willing canvas as she pretended to be a professional tub painter and handprint stamper.
Reiley played a makeup artist specializing in over-the-top Rocky Horror Picture Show-style makeup. Sawyer is 3 and 1/2 months now and is becoming much more playful with the girls. He sits with us for snacks in the Bumbo and shows us his rattle holding (and dropping) skills which bring non-stop giggles from his favorite fans. Here is demonstrating great concentration (check out that tongue!)Sawyer's thinking Tummy Time is a lot more fun lately. The girls like to coach him in rolling over and have deep conversations with him. Ainsley sees Tummy Time as an opportunity to mount up and "Ridey Ridey Sawyer like a horse, Mommy!" It was probably wrong of me to take a picture before telling her not to do it, but it was funny.
Here's a video of an almost roll-over. His contentment with being almost there is pretty entertaining.