Friday, January 30, 2009

Growing and Playing

Sawyer is a "Big-a Boy!" as Ainsley likes to say. Sawyer's "unofficial" weigh-in (the two of us on a scale - me on the scale = Sawyer) at 3 months today is 16 lbs! That's double birthweight (and my back is feeling it)! Some of his favorite activities include clasping his hands and looking at them, huge smiles, and cooing at big sisters. Here's Reiley getting some close attention. Ainsley's fun too. Ainsley wakes him up every morning by saying "Sawyer is still sleeping, Mom!" and then pats (waps, rather) him on the tummy or rubs his head lovingly. They're buds.
He uses Tummy Time to smile, eat his hand, and occasionally try to push himself up I foresee another slow one in the motor development department:-). But he's so cute!

Future GQ ad? Few women can resist a man in a bulky cloth diaper.
Some Mama snuggles. Beefy babies are great to snuggle!

Here's a video of a little bit of cooing. I'm trying to remember to take videos of him to avoid the "you must have hated me" conversations that will happen when he's 10 and realizes the overabundance of Reiley videos.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy 2009 to everyone! Christmas was so wonderfully busy seeing both sides of our family, that we celebrated New Year's in a low-key way. We made some pizza dough for some 2009 pizza (I was sadly led astray by and the crust was not nearly as yummy as I hoped it would be). Luckily, we made some Magic Bars to celebrate teh New Year as well - nothing says celebration like melted butter mixed with gooey chocolate chips! There was a fireworks display at few minutes from our house at 6 PM. Our poor, deprived children have never seen fireworks because they are asleep by 7:30, making attendance at 4th of July fireworks not an option (unless we enjoy screaming, crabby children). We were all really excited to see them. Ainsley has been talking about the experience for days ("I saw a pink one, and a green one, and a....").
Sawyer came along too, and was happy to tag along until the finale, when he gave us this little frown.

After we got all the kids to bed, we rang in the New Year with champagne at 7:45 PM. We are tired people! We wish you all the best in 2009!