Saturday, August 8, 2009

Reiley turns 5!

Here are some highlights from Reiley's big day! We started partying the weekend before her birthday with a party-filled Saturday: family in the morning and friends in the afternoon. She has been reading a lot about space lately, and chose that for her birthday theme. We had a space cake for the family party and rocket cupcakes for her friend party.

Here are she and Ainsley and their good buddy Carter standing by the string of spaceships we painted and then flew to collect space rocks.
Her actual birthday was on Monday, so we spent the morning playing at the Museum of Transportation, then met Kevin for lunch at Reiley's choice: Bob Evans (our family loves breakfast for any meal!) Reiley was particularly excited by the surprise sundae she received for her birthday. What better way to say happy birthday than with a free dessert??
In the whirl of birthday preparations, I didn't really have a chance to truly grasp that my girl is 5. FIVE! She's taller and leaner and more "kid-looking". She calls me Mom instead of Mommy (though she's now throwing in a Mama, which helps me think that maybe time isn't moving as quickly as it is). She tells me "you can leave now" instead of clinging in fear at separation. She chooses her own books at the library, reads them, and then tells me everything she's learned. It's bittersweet to watch her grow and learn and change and need me less. I feel so proud of the great strides she has made in independence and confidence, but I like to remember the way I would carry her on my hip and talk to her about the world. She walks on her own now, but at least she will let me walk side by side walk with her, and hold her hand.