Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wedding Fun

A few weekends ago, Kevin's sister Kathy (beloved Aunt Kathy to the girls) got married to her (also much-loved) fiance Tim. It was a beautiful night wedding at the City Museum in St. Louis, and the whole family was in the wedding. We tried to get the girls to take extra-great naps because the wedding started after they are both usually asleep. We were moderately successful, and the girls made it down the aisle and back down without any "up past my bedtime" meltdowns. Whew! Though some of Reiley's comments during the ceremony were pretty funny ("I am so tired, where is my bed!", "Mom, I'm getting a little tired of being here"). Fortunately, seeing Aunt Kathy in the "most beautiful dress I have ever seen in my life", and fawning over Tim's 11-year-old cousin Slavic kept Reiley entertained. Ainsley was a happy camper since I was holding her and she could have non-stop hold of my hair.

The day before the wedding, Reiley and I attended a fancy bridesmaid luncheon together which was a lot of fun, because we don't have a lot of outings with just the two of us. Here's a picture of Reiley and Aunt Kathy toasting the upcoming nuptials (with yummy strawberry lemonade).
Reiley thought it was fun that "all the girls get to put our dresses on together."
Here's Ainsley and her BFF "Girl-Girl" lounging around before the wedding starts (and secretly hoping this chair was her crib!)
Kevin and I enjoyed having some kid-free time at the wedding while GrandMar and Grandpa (Jen's parents) stayed with the girls at home.
Congratulations to Kathy and Tim, and if you want to check out some of their awesome wedding photos, go to Benton Park Photography.

Friday, May 2, 2008

The Hills...Still Alive

The Sound of Music obsession has now spread to Ainsley as well. She's been watching the YouTube song clips with Reiley for months now, and has caught on to some of the tunes and lyrics. She likes to sing "Cuckoo" or "Goodbye" to tell us that she wants to hear "So Long Farewell". This video shows some of her antics:

Reiley likes to sing full numbers in costume. "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" is currently her favorite, in which she plays duel roles of Rolf and Leisel. Here's a video of Reiley playing Rolf (though dressed as Leisel:-)):