Monday, April 26, 2010

Baby Down!

Attention Sawyer: If you do not want to have "Baby Down"... do not repeatedly throw it out of your crib!

Night #2 of sitting in his room and saying "nigh-night" every few minutes while I do my computer work. I'm doing the fade-out technique that worked with the girls when they've had various extreme sleeping fears over the years. That way I know that he can see me and is not sitting back in his room screaming because he's legitimately feeling scared that a tree trimmer is going to bust through his wall at any moment, and a parent is nowhere to be found.

However, Mr. 18-Month-Old Boss of the World is none too happy that Mom is not rocking him to sleep. And he's been letting me know about it...loudly. The blanket and baby and pillow are now on the ground as I've grown tired of picking them up, and he's grown tired of throwing them at me in defiance.

He's finally lying down, but putting his head up every few moments to baby bark at me, confirming his disapproval of my decision. I think I few more tired utterances of "Mommy", and this bedtime dance will be complete.

Wish me better luck tomorrow!

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